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Each block of stone also has its own personality; expressed in slight differences in the make up of its crystalline structure. This personality is further expressed in the stone by anomalies such as veining, minor pitting, or areas of enhanced colouration . For example, black granite will occasionally contain traces of silver, gold, or copper. As stone is extracted from different areas of a quarry, the colour of each block of granite will vary.

Natural Sinks

Natural Sinks are carved from natural granite boulders. Shape, size and colour will vary with each vessel sink. The exterior is left in its naturally weathered state. The polished rim and interior range from gray-green to gray-blue. The individual personality of each Natural Sink is further expressed by anomalies such as veining, minor pitting, or areas of enhanced colouration .

Stone Sinks

A Stone Forest vessel sink is carved from a single block of natural stone. Each stone sink will reflect the individual character of the block from which it was carved as well as the inspiration of the craftsman.

Much of the carving is done by hand with calculated blows from a hammer and chisel. Some small diamond saws and hand-held polishing tools are used, but because the stone sinks are not “machined” each will be a little different. They will not be perfectly symmetrical and there will be small variations in size.

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